remote work & produktivita

remote work & produktivita
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Bohuzel v okoli pozoruji natesene managery a HR, jak uz planuji navrat do onsite. V podstate vetsina recruitera rovnou zacina, jak je to 100% remote, ale dodava "jen po dobu covidu" nebo "ale musite bydlet v tom meste".
Jak vsichni vime, typicky managersky mozek v korporaci travi 75% casu, jak osefovat svou nezbytnost pro firmu.
Remote je pro ne nocni mura, vsechny ty nove kancelare divnych tvaru na Florenci... 20% lidi je naprosto zbytecnych.

Tohle jsem nasel na slashdotu:

Tech promotion ladder at Google:

It consists of a series of numeric levels with associated titles and expectations. The ladder starts at L3 because L1+L2 roles require less than a bachelor's degree (or equivalent experience), and Google doesn't hire those, except as interns.

L3, SWE II: This is where new grads with a BS or MS and no real work experience generally start. The expectation is that they are competent programmers, but need plenty of guidance and direction, from their assigned mentor, their team lead, their manager and their higher-level peers.

L4, SWE III: This is where new grads with a PhD and or engineers with a significant degree of work experience generally start. The expectation is that they are capable of making fully-independent progress on relatively self-contained tasks, including design, coding and testing.

L5, Senior SWE: L5s are expected to be capable of solving large, ill-defined problems, working through all phases of the process. L5s are technical leaders and often formal team leads or managers.

L6, Staff SWE: L6s are expected to be capable of solving very large problems that require large, cross-organization teams, which they often lead, or have specific, deep expertise that is rare and enables them to solve complex problems that most other Google-caliber SWEs would not be able to solve.

L7, Senior Staff SWE: L7s own key technical areas of company-level importance. They are deep technical experts in some domain, and their work and decisions have large, externally-visible effects.

L8, Principal SWE: L8s own technical areas of such scale and impact that their work is the difference between success and failure of a business unit or product.

L9, Distinguished SWE: L9s are recognized world-class experts in their area, who lead innovative projects that significantly impact many business units or products. 

Outcome of analysis:
What Google's HR found was that the impact of remote work varied widely across these levels. L3s took a large hit to their productivity and effectiveness, and generally struggled to improve their productivity over time. L4s took a mild hit to their productivity and effectiveness. L5 productivity was largely unaffected. L6s and above saw a significant increase in their productivity, producing more design docs, writing more code, etc., though the difference between these senior levels was not great.

Questionnaire responses tracked productivity measures closely. Engineers at all levels of the ladder correctly perceived the impact on their own ability to be productive and effective. Senior engineers tend to love remote work (though many miss the face time and would like to have 1-2 days per week in the office). Junior engineers feel lost and have a hard time making progress because they can't get the quick feedback and assistance they could get by turning to the person sitting next to them.

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Proc je to v /dev/null?

Jinak me to celkem odpovida, ja pred covidem dochazel do prace 3x tydne, a me to proste chybi Alespon 2x tydne to chce A vim ze vetsina kolegu to ma taky tak. Ja uz potrebuju mit s kolegama fyzicky kontakt. Produktivita prace moje poklesla a vim, ze to tak je obecne u vetsiny kolegu, motivace je proste nizsi.

Ze chteji manageri navrat do prace se nedivim, zistne duvody zde jsou, ale stejne tak se domnivam ze zde jsou i skutecne prakticke duvody, ze totiz celkova produktivita prace opravdu klesla, a zhorsila se mira spoluprace.

Jsem na trochu "lepsim" korporatnim projektu.

A nejde jen o kolegy, ale o navrat mrzi lidi obecne. Nicmene vim, ze nekterym tento stav vyhovuje, ale to je spise minorita lidi.

Po tehle zkusenosti bych si neumel predstavit kyvnout na n2jakou 100% remote praci.

Ad google: nejvetsimu poklesu produktivity L3 a L4 se nedivim, to jsou ti, kteri musi delat tu nejvic lopatackou praci, do toho se proste moc nechce.
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