Widevine nejde jednoduše stáhnout


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Widevine nejde jednoduše stáhnout
« kdy: 22. 10. 2020, 20:38:10 »
Odstavec "Running Netflix on the Raspberry Pi":

Without these DRM modules the plugin will not be able to stream the video content from Netflix.

These modules are the same reason web browsers on the Raspberry Pi struggle to deal with Netflix.

You will then see another notification stating that you must have at least 3.1GB of free disk space. The reason for this is that the installer has to obtain Widevine CDM from a ChromeOS image.

There are a few legal reasons why we can’t just download the Widevine CDM directly.

To poslední se mi zdá hodně obšírné. (Situaci dokreslí obrázky na stránce)

Proč ty tance okolo toho?

ps: Proč chrome://addons už neexistuje
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