Podezřelá doména, co skrývá

Podezřelá doména, co skrývá
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Nevíte co je zač doména ? whois píše jen název a registrar namecheap
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Kód: [Vybrat]
About this domain
This domain is used by digital publishers to control access to copyrighted content in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and understand how visitors are accessing their copyrighted content.

Requests to this domain
This domain accepts GET and POST requests over standard HTTP ports (TCP 80 and TCP 443) via traffic originating from web browsers.

The requests contain information such as metrics that help a site owner in understanding and authorizing access to their site and copyrighted content.

Headers are returned to prevent caching and discouraging proxies and intermediaries from caching or storing content.

This domain accepts HTTP/2 and keep-alive connections and therefore persistant connections are held by the browser to minimize the necessity for multiple connections.

Requests to this domain use HTTPS whenever possible and certificates are rotated frequently.

Content served by this domain consists of Javascript, HTML, CSS, video and images. No executable files are served and all files are regularly scanned for malware and otherwise unauthorized content.

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Kód: [Vybrat]
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Re:Podezřelá doména, co skrývá
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Bylo by to jednoduche zjistit, primo na te strance, ktera to taha. Kdyz sem nedas odkaz, nikdo to zkoumat nebude.