Vytvoření databáze receptů

Vytvoření databáze receptů
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Zdravim,  nepotrebujem vypracovat riesenie, ale neaka rada by sa hodila.

Vo firme vyvijame isty druh materialu. Mame vela vstupnych premennych (teplota, tlak, zlozenie materialu, jednotlive prisady ...atd)
Potreboval by som to vsetko zapisat do databazy. (Excel a Access neprichadzaju do uvahy).
Vlastne jednalo by sa o "kartoteku receptov" . Aby to vedelo filtrovat na zaklade surovin a vysledkov....atd
Rad by som bol ak by to bolo mozne rozbehat na LAMP servery. Su to roky vyskumu. Takze mame dost dat, ktore su len tak popisane na papieroch. Nic v elektronickej forme...

Neviete poradit hotovy produkt, pripadne neaky template ktory by som si vedel upravit pre svoje potreby? Ktory by bol user friendly?

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Takhle vzniknul elasticsearch :) https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/guide/current/intro.html

Many years ago, a newly married unemployed developer called Shay Banon followed his wife to London, where she was studying to be a chef. While looking for gainful employment, he started playing with an early version of Lucene, with the intent of building his wife a recipe search engine.

Working directly with Lucene can be tricky, so Shay started work on an abstraction layer to make it easier for Java programmers to add search to their applications. He released this as his first open source project, called Compass.

Later Shay took a job working in a high-performance, distributed environment with in-memory data grids. The need for a high-performance, real-time, distributed search engine was obvious, and he decided to rewrite the Compass libraries as a standalone server called Elasticsearch.

The first public release came out in February 2010. Since then, Elasticsearch has become one of the most popular projects on GitHub with commits from over 300 contributors. A company has formed around Elasticsearch to provide commercial support and to develop new features, but Elasticsearch is, and forever will be, open source and available to all.

Shay’s wife is still waiting for the recipe search…

Re:Vytvoření databáze receptů
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Drupal 7.
Search API + search_api_solr, search_api_attachments (tohle se ti postara o vyhledavani napric dokumentama v prilohach), search_api_views, facetapi.

Potrebujes LAMP, potrebujes solr pokud to ma za neco stat.

Otazka par hodin nahodit funkcni maketu, otazka max par dni prizpusobit struktury, ciselniky apod presne na vase pozadavky. V zasade nemusis nic programovat, jen trochu obcas cist dokumentaci a zvladnout spravne rozjet ten solr (nebo si zaplatit Acquia Search sluzbu)
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