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Salsita is a successful, fast-growing software development consultancy headquartered in Prague with a sales and marketing office in Silicon Valley. Our mission is to create top-quality custom software solutions for our international clients. We are dedicated to continuous improvement of our agile development process and use of the latest technologies and tools.
JavaScript Software Engineer
Our primary focus is on the rapidly growing area of JavaScript software engineering: building complex software architectures using JavaScript. It doesn't matter to us if you don't know JavaScript. We are looking for top-notch programmers regardless of whether prior experience is in C++, Java, C#, Python or other. We will train you in the intricacies of the JavaScript language as well as the latest JavaScript platforms and frameworks such as Node.js, AngularJS, Mocha, Underscore and Backbone. Naturally we are thrilled when we find qualified candidates who already have JavaScript experience.

While JavaScript was once used mainly by web coders with basic programming abilities, today it is being used increasingly by professional software engineers for large applications on both the server and client tier. The reasons are simple:

- JavaScript is the only language that runs natively in web browsers and can truly promise “write once, run everywhere”.

- Google, Apple and others have made optimization of their JavaScript engines a strategic priority, and JavaScript is therefore the fasted interpreted language in production.

- Heavy use of sophisticated JavaScript architectures enables the create of desktop-like application experiences in the web browser.

At Salsita we are at the leading edge of the most important trend in modern software development: the ongoing migration from desktop apps towards device-agnostic web apps based on the HTML5 technology stack.


Our only firm requirement is that you must be an exceptionally talented software developer with the ability and desire to work on challenging projects that require you to constantly master new skills and technologies. You should be able to design an elegant API and software architecture for a complex system. Most of our developers have a university degree in Computer Science (we are particularly fond of MatFyz UK graduates).

We offer:

In our business a company lives and dies on the quality of its team, and we offer every benefit we can think of to attract the best software developers available. That means no fixed working hours, no useless bureaucracy and a flexible policy with respect to work from home. Our spacious offices are in central Prague with direct links to the metro and multiple tram lines. Every new developer gets a 40,000Kc budget and can select the hardware of their choice. We also offer free language lessons, free cold and hot drinks & fruit in the office, 100% paid meal tickets, free massages and frequent in-house activities to foster the exchange of ideas and expertise among team members.

If you're interested in this job offer, don't hesitate to contact me via email or via phone +420 608 667 810.