Prodám 00IC-XDS100v3 TI DSP ARM Emulator DSP JTAG Debugger Programmer

Cena: 500 CZ


Based on TI's original XDS100V3 solution, it supports USB2.0 high-speed interface and has higher JTAG speed
 than XDS100V2. Four ESD static protection devices are used to isolate and protect KTAG, and the target chip is
 simulated and debugged through 20PIN and 14PIN compatible standard interfaces.


◆ JTAG interface supporting 20PIN and 14PIN
◆ Support high speed USB code download
◆ support for connection / disconnection, read / write memory, read registers, load programs, run, stop, single-step, software breakpoints, hardware breakpoints, real-time mode debugging
◆Support target cable disconnection detection, target chip power-off detection
Supports multiple FTDI device drivers
◆ Support adaptive clock
◆ Support JTAG reset, wait for reset mode again
◆ Support power-on reset startup mode
◆ Supports 1.8-3.3V JTAG level standard
◆ Supports TI's JTAG and cJTAG protocols
◆ Support adjustable TCLK clock
◆Support LED lights show USB connection
◆Support complex industrial on-site debugging and isolation protection of JTAG
◆ With higher JTAG speed, FPGA system clock is 100MHz
◆ Support CCS5.2/CCS5.5/CCS6 and higher software
◆ Drive-free, plug in the emulator to automatically identify.
◆ Support C2000 from CCS environment programming
◆ Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/WIN7/8/10
◆ Aluminum alloy shell
◆Size: 75x50x20mm
◆Supports TMS320C28XXX, TMS320C54XX, TMS320C55XX, TMS320C674X, TMS320C64X+, TMS320C66XX, TI ARM9, Cortex A8 A9, Cortex M3 M4, Cortex r4, TMS470LSXX, TMS570LSXX, Davinci series, etc.
Note: Chips such as 2407/6713/642 are not supported

Package include:
1 x XDS100V3
1 x USB cable
1 x 20-20-14pin cable